A note from the director

It comes down to this: What a joy to spend time, sharing our music! Men in your churches and communities are missing out on what we do. It is time for the older generation to spread the news to the middle and younger generations that KMMC is definitely worth the time and effort. This is no longer just a Mennonite activity though. Share with all men in your community that KMMC is the group for them!

We are a society of storytellers. We love to tell about our life experiences and share with our friends what great times or hard times we have had. The people that you have shared experiences with are the people who have probably shaped your life. There are times though, when you have missed out on those great experiences and have felt left out of the discussion. There are those moments that you wish you could go back and say yes to an invitation that you declined. As a high school teacher, I have learned that sometimes I have to force kids to get involved so that they can begin to build on their life experiences. Now there are those rare times when this backfires and they still absolutely hate it – but more than not – they come out of the experience sharing how much fun they actually had. They spread the word, which in turn, builds excitement for the program.

My point – we are experiencing growth with KMMC but there are still men out there who are totally missing out on the experience. After our concerts last season, there were always men coming up and saying how they want to join us next year. That is an easy statement to make at the time but it gets more difficult come registration time. That commitment to join isn’t easy when you are the newcomer unless you have someone nudging you to “go for it”!
This is where you all come in. You need to be the one to share what a great experience you have had and that you would love to have them experience that same joy. Make them aware that they just cannot miss out on the fun that we have together. Explain about the learning CD and what a great learning tool it can be. This can alleviate some the hesitations about not being able to attend all of the rehearsals. Basically, allow your friends to be a part of the experience of KMMC.

I want to once again challenge you to invite your friends to come and share the incredible experience of being a part of KMMC. Singing so that others may Live!

See you In Rehearsal,

Greg Bontrager

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2015 Schedule Posted!

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but already we’re thinking about the exciting things coming up next year, including singing at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Kansas City.

You can check out our conerts list and rehearsal schedule now.

We are happy to have new people join us! Here’s a recruitment poster you might use.

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Chairs are arranged.  Sound is being checked. In a few minutes, 300 men will find places on the stage for our rehearsal.  It’s not too late to come hear us tonight, 7PM at Memorial Hall, Bethel College.


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Concert Sunday, May 4, 2014 – Bethel College, North Newton

Our second concert for the 2014 season is just two days away! Come out and join us Sunday evening, May 4, at 7:00 PM at Memorial Hall in Bethel College — and enjoy the comfort of the new air conditioning in that historic building.  KMMC is a unique organization, with hundreds of men singing to raise money for charity.

If you need directions, here’s a map. Singers, our rehearsal begins at 3PM, so please be there in time to be seated by 3.

We hope to see you all there!

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Traffic Advisory: April 27, 2014 Wichita Concert

As we count down the days to our first concert of 2014, we wanted all our members and supporters to know how to get to our concert in Wichita without dealing with too much frustrating traffic first.

On the day of KMMC’s first 2014 concert in Wichita, I-235 will be closed between Zoo Boulevard and Central. This will create detours with potentially lengthy traffic snarls for people heading to the concert or the practice from north of Wichita.

For those coming from the north, we recommend two alternative options:

You could take I-135 all the way to Kellogg (US-54/400), then Kellogg west to West Street. North a bit to Maple, then west on Maple to the church.

Alternatively, you could get off I-135 at the north end of town, taking K-96 west to Ridge, then Ridge several miles south to Maple, and then east on Maple to the church.

You can see a map of the church’s location to plan out these options.

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