Concert season is just around the corner!

kmmc-2013-bontragerThis is the time of year for warming temperatures, budding flowers, and, of course, singing!

The last of our 2014 rehearsals in Hesston is behind us, and now we have three concerts coming up. The first is April 27 in Wichita, then also May 4 in North Newton and June 8 in Lindsborg.

We would be happy to have you in the audience for one of our concerts! There is more detail on our concerts page, including maps and a description of what you’ll find. KMMC members, please carefully note the rehearsal schedule for each concert.

You can also check out the events on our Facebook page.

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No Practice March 2, 2014

With the prediction of snow and ice and in the interest of safety, the Steering Committee has cancelled the KMMC rehearsal scheduled for Sunday afternoon, March 2, 2014.  We will see you at our next regularly scheduled rehearsal.  In the meantime, please continue to work with your learning CD.

- Mike Lamb, KMMC Steering Committee

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Message from the President

[ from the registration packets mailed out ]

God Winks:In 2002, Squire Rushnell wrote When God Winks. In the book, Rushnell proposes that what we see as coincidences are really signals from God, reassurances that we are on the right path. Like winks from a loving parent, coincidences are messages from God telling us that He is with us. I experienced one of these “God Winks” this week. I was listening to the 2013 Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus CD while commuting home to Hesston from Wichita. As I turned off the interstate and into town, “The Holy Heart” was playing and rays of sun were peeking from behind clouds in the western sky. God was making his presence known.

God is with us always, but it is up to us to acknowledge his presence. He patiently waits for us at work and at home. In the garden and in church. In good times and in hard times. God is certainly present with us in the Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus. I have been in the chorus on and off for more than 20 years. Each year, without fail, at some point in a rehearsal or a concert, the power of the text we sing combined with the harmony we create becomes overwhelming and I must pause to allow the majesty of the moment to wash over me; A “God Wink.”

You are receiving this membership packet by virtue of your interest in the ministry that is The Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus. For some, this will be a renewal of a previous membership. For others, this may be a new experience. For all who are members of the chorus, beyond the enjoyment experienced by our audiences and the offerings supporting the world-wide relief efforts of Mennonite Central Committee, you will experience the personal blessing of singing with KMMC. While our motto is “We sing that others may live”, in fact, singing in KMMC adds quality to our lives. Complete your membership today and open yourself to the anticipated “God Winks” that will surely follow. And, while you are at it, invite a friend or family member to share in this special experience with you. I am so confident in the impact of singing in the KMMC, that I will personally refund the membership fee to any member who does not enjoy the experience. I look forward to making a joyful noise with you in the spring.

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Message from the Director

We are ready to get our 46th season of KMMC up and running! The Steering Committee is putting together all of the details for the season and our Music Committee has once again chosen some great songs for us to enjoy together. I want to thank Lee for all of his work for KMMC and wish Mike the best of luck as he leads us for the next two years. I would also like to introduce Andrew Voth as our new Assistant Director. He is teaching Choir at Goessel Junior and Senior High School. Without these men and their dedication to our Choir, we would suffer as an organization. I feel blessed that through their organization, I get to enjoy just being your director!

With anticipation of another season, I look forward to bringing more excitement and energy to our rehearsals and concerts. I would like to see this go both ways though! Let’s share and invite others in for the fun!!! The same challenge goes out every year to all KMMC members to bring more men into our group. As much as I love the mass choir sound, I have a deep desire to want to share that with as many men as possible. I don’t want them to miss out on the massive sound and energy 300+ men can bring to sharing the word of God though music.

While at church, I listened to a young man share his belief that through his college experiences he’s not sure what denomination he is any more. All that he knows is that we all have different songs, different languages but the same God! My wife and I actually did something we rarely do – at the same time without knowing the other’s action – we both said AMEN – Out loud!!! This man’s conviction so touched my soul and what I firmly believe. Yes, I am proud to be in the Mennonite Church but I am even prouder to be a part of the Christian Community! We are all unified by that one loving God and through him, we come together. We sing together! Do you want your friends to miss out on our experiences? I hope not! Invite them into our KMMC so that they too can experience how we sing so others may live!!!

See you In Rehearsal, Greg Bontrager

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2014 Registration is Open!

If you’ve ever thought about joining the Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus, the time is now.  What a great way to get involved.  You can find a registration form in our join page and a rehearsal schedule here on our website.  Please join us in singing that others may live!

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